The following is by no means a solid list of retcons. It's simply just some inconsistencies that require some further investigation. We're currently working toward getting a solid list sorted out that properly outlines the changes, inconsistencies, or out of place additions that have been made to the Haloverse as a result of Reach. If you'd like to help us out, contact us or swing by our forum. And yes, we're very aware that some of these things listed have been covered in the Journals or Data Pads and what-have-you. This is just a mock list.

  • The Pillar of Autumn is now in dry-dock instead of engaged in the battle in space.
  • The Pillar of Autumn is now capable of flying in atmosphere; its size has also been significantly reduced.
  • The crystal revealing Installation 04's location, found on Sigma Octanus IV, has been implicitly moved to Reach. The Covenant invasion of Sigma Octanus IV now makes no sense.
  • Cortana has been split in two for unknown purposes... other than to let Noble Team feel important
  • The Covenant invasion of Reach begins much earlier than before; they use new never-before-seen technology to make this work: massive cloaking, and teleportation for example.
  • The Covenant's invasion begins differently; they were able to slip in and set up a massive battalion sized force planetside, completely undetected.
  • Dr. Halsey is supposed to be in the Forerunner caves under CASTLE base. The original story is basically cast aside and repurposed using Noble team and SWORD base; Halsey heads for CASTLE base at the end of the game, but with the artifact already discovered and secured, the events that were previously known to have occured there cannot reasonably take place.
  • Brutes. Drones.