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We're Serious.

A wise man once wrote:

Narcogen: Game canon overrides all else. It is a primary source. The game can't butcher the canon, by definition. If there are inaccuracies or errors, they lie with the novels-- assuming they can't otherwise be reconciled. [1]

And to some extent, he's right. Bungie has always been the sole voice on what constitutes fictional continuity in the Halo universe; naturally, their games take precedence.

So what's our problem?

Well, we find it very disappointing that Bungie decided to wrap up it's Halo series--A series that, in our eyes, used to set itself apart from the rest of the generic console FPS's by working in a very deep and consistent fiction--by throwing out large chunks of what was assumed for a long time to be "the story."

It is without question that these design choices were made to expedite the production process of the game; some might call this taking the fictional easy way out. Generally, these kinds of changes can be excused when the existing continuity is too strict, too large, or too complex; but this was not the case. Due to the ultimately pointless nature of the changes made, it appears very little care went into ensuring that this new game fit well into the existing Halo universe.

And yet the fact remains, the games are supposed to take precedence. But let's take this to the extreme. If Bungie made a 'Halo Cart Racers!' video game, we at HRINC would wager that, even if such a game had their blessing, most fans would not consider it canonical. At the end of the day, it's the higher quality work that takes precedence, regardless of authorship. We feel that the quality of the new narrative does not justify the massive overhaul of the existing universe.

Although games have priority, the quality, depth, and rich nature of some of the existing works (e.g. books, graphic novels, animated shorts) has been outstanding, and to pay no regard to these efforts is downright lazy; especially when many of these had Bungie's blessing... apparently adhering to a so-called "Halo Story Bible."

Well the sanctity of this Halo Bible, like the Great Journey, is beginning to falter. With the way Reach was handled, can we be sure there is, in fact, attention spent on maintaining continuity? Are the keepers of the flame looking to score a cheap thrill, or are they looking to develop and expand upon the potentials of this fictional universe?

Now, 343 Industries is taking the helm. And we have a message for you: Reach let us down and you've got a big mess to clean up. We've spent over a decade dedicated to the Halo universe... Don't let that be wasted.

Are you up to the task?

We hope you are.


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