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Halo Reach Is Not Canon

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New: Continuity Patch William Swartzendruber's quick fixes to the dialouge to eliminate conflicts with Fall of Reach 05/25/11 10:27 pm
The Noble Six Paradox Captain Raspberry feels Reach should be canon, but feels its "main character" was lacking. 10/24/10 10:27 pm
How Reach's Story Would've Fit the Canon Archilen shows us just how easy it is to make some of the more egregious errors in continuity work. Not so hard now is it? Updated 10/24/10 1:16 pm
Cody's Structure Critique Wondering why it feels like Reach's story is so disjointed? It's no coincidence. 10/03/10 8:24 pm
General Battuta's Review A Tiered Critique of Reach's Story 9/26/10 2:25 pm
Hawaiian Pig's Story Review Why the story is broken. 9/17/10 6:25 pm
Retcons The ever-growing list of inconsistencies and retcons brought about by Halo: Reach 09/10/10 9:30 pm
Rockin' Tunes Music inspired by the best selling video game Halo: Reach! 09/10/10 9:30 pm